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Stained Glass Design

The Church of St Mary Magdalene,
Stretton Sugwas, Herefordshire

The Annunciation. 2002. 57" x 43"

Privately commissioned memorial window. Hand painted, mouth-blown glass.

Millennium Window. 2002. 57" x 38"

Celebrating the Millennium and the parish of Stretton Sugwas. Hand painted, mouth-blown glass.

Orme Court Oratory,

The Acts of the Apostles. 2001.
8 Panels. 2178mm x 629mm. Architect: Stephen Tsang.

Back-lit screens for the new oratory.

Right: Saints Paul & Banabas preaching with different responses from the crowd. (detail).

Far right: Saint Paul on an apostolic journey. (detail).

St Bartholomew’s Church,
Arley Kings, Worcestershire.

The Ascension. 1992.

The Ascension - symbolised by an ascending spiral of roses

St Michael’s Church,
Brimfield, Herefordshire

Millennium Window. 2002

Handpainted mouth-blown glass. Acid-etched blue glass.

St Peter’s Church,
Eye, Herefordshire Lady Chapel

Virgin and Child. 2000. 55" x 14".

Handpainted mouth-blown glass.

St David's Church,
Dalkeith, Midlothian.

Three west windows and The south window. 1994.

Our Lady and Our Lord Sacred Heart; St Patrick and St Anne; St Theresa and St Joseph; Our Lady of Purification.

High level west window (1995) Baptismal Dove. design by Dom Gilbert Taylor OSB

St Augustine’s Church,
Seaton, Devon.

East window ‘Jonah and the Whale’. 1998.

Using ‘Dalles de Verre’.
based on a design by Caroline Mackenzie.

West window ‘Baptismal Dove’. 2000.

Using the ‘Dalles de Verre’ technique.

St Mary’s Church,
Kington, Herefordshire.

High level west window. ‘Baptismal dove’. 1995.

Hand painted mouth blown glass.

St Thomas More's Church,

Sanctuary South. 1988. ‘Creation window’.

Sanctuary North. 1988. ‘Pentecost window’.

Domestic Glass. Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire, 2005.

Two panels based on designs by Ben Nicholson.
Hand painted mouth blown glass.

Domestic Glass. Leominster. Inner porch. 2005.

Leaded lights with obscured glass and coloured handmade glass border.

Domestic Glass. Clifford, Herefordshire. Porch glazing. 2006.

Leaded lights with handmade clear glass and coloured handmade glass border.

Hundred House.

The glazing of entrance doors with painted and stained 'fret' border and red stained corner rosettes.

Domestic Glass.

Two panels in the style of Patrick Heron. Laminated Applique glass.